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That's the man Sir! He's an impostor

For anyone who didn't read the About page, and you know who you are, I am currently creating an app named TranelTeaches. Yes, I did feel the need to put my name on it. In fairness, I started at "My Own Tutor" but some other company got to that name before me. Anyways, TranelTeaches is an idea that I've messed with for years. Not the app, but the concept. It's meant to help college and higher level high school students excel in STEM classes. STEM is science, technology, engineering and math for those who don't know.

I've always been a giant nerd in desperate search of my people. In general however, I've never made an effort to find my people. As such, when I'm around other people I don't talk science. I'll hear someone bring up some cool fact every once in a while, but I don't like interjecting for fear of coming off like a know it all. I'm also not immensely versed in a lot of subjects as deeply as I'd like to be, so I don't want to say something and turn out to be wrong.

When I first thought to myself, what if I could get paid to learn, I was in college, almost certainly at least 8-10 years ago. Yep, that's how long I've wanted to help other people learn. About 4 years ago a friend of mine was going back to school (to be a nurse) and I remember the joy I'd get going over her notes with her, helping her with her biochem homework or just talking about different subjects she was learning. I even started reading a few text books for fun. It'd been a while since I had stopped pursuing an engineering degree, but I could still crack a chemistry book for the fun of it.

TranelTeaches the app is pretty much built and ready to go, HOWEVER, it relies heavily on content of me, well, actually teaching. It's been at least 4 years since I did anything in most of the subjects I want to put up and I think 6 years since I've taken a chemistry, biology, or physics class. The same for mathematics if you don't include subjects like discrete math I took for computer science. I'm not just rusty. No, I've straight up forgotten a lot of what I used to know.

As the days go by I'm writing out blogs for TranelTeaches so I can know exactly what I need to include in videos and lessons, but I feel like a complete impostor putting them out in the world. I feel like I'm acting as though I have knowledge that I don't. What if someone comes to me with a question I can't answer? What if I give someone the wrong answer? What if...

The sage advice that everyone either gets or gives at this point is to just keep doing it. People will tell you that it doesn't matter if you do something wrong and that you're doing the best you can. On the surface you'll know it's true, but deep down, there's a primal sense that it's wrong. This sense can't be argued with and can't be reasoned into feeling different. So, while I know I have no choice but to keep going, I'm writing this because it's how I feel. Contrary to a lot of well intentioned people, I'm allowed to feel how I feel and sometimes the devil doesn't need an advocate.

That's it. A short one for today folks

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