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Should you quit your job to be a digital nomad, start your own business, or become an entrepreneur?

The short answer is no, not at all, but I’m guessing you’d like more of an explanation.

Are you following your dreams or trying to escape?

There’s a common thread in stories of successful entrepreneurs and digital nomads, that it didn’t happen overnight. It takes weeks, months, and sometimes years for them to start making money and maybe more to actually live on. So for the love of god don’t quit your job unless you have years of money ready to back you up.

For every person that says “jump and the net will appear” there’s a ton of people who fell flat on their face and just didn’t tell anyone. We call this confirmation bias. Those who succeed validate their jump after the fact. There’s also no good reason for you to quit working for someone else right now, at least not one related to you becoming an entrepreneur or digital nomad. If you hate your job or your boss I do suggest you find another one, but it’s probably going to have the same limitations, just perhaps a better environment. The real crux of this is you can be whatever you want to be and still keep your job.

The most common argument against this is that your job is tiring. Why work 8 hours somewhere else when you could be putting that into your business. Well, not being homeless or relying on others is a pretty good reason for me. Just because you want to put 8 hours a day into your new path in life doesn’t mean you’re getting paid for those hours.

When you find your passion, your dream, your energy, it won’t matter if you worked 8 hours a day on something else. You won’t think “aw jeez now I have to go home and do that other thing”, you’ll be sitting at work practically giddy about when you get to go home and really work.

Can I ask you a question? What is your dream? What do you wish you could do or be?

If you answered something like I want to be an engineer, a lawyer, a doctor, a world traveler or a writer I beg of you keep reading. The thing is, I asked you what your dream was and you immediately gave me a job, not a dream. These days we’ve been trained to see them as the same thing though. When people ask you what your dream is we secretly hear “what’s your dream job?”. When people ask us what our passion is we hear “what career are you most passionate about?”.

When I finally figured out what my dream was it was simple, clear, ambiguous, and perfect. It was like taking off shackles and viewing life through new eyes. Want to guess what my dream is?

My dream is to create. I know mind blowing right.

I believe the reason we conflate “what’s your dream” and “what job do you want” together because dreams are often confused with end result. Instead of asking where do you want to end up, we should be asking how do you want to get there. Dreams aren’t about the final page of a book, their the pages in between.

If you ask a writer to describe a character they may tell you what that character does, but they’ll tell you what motivates that character 100% of the time. When you find your motivations you’ve basically found your cheat codes. That’s why I say my dream is to create. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing, but if I feel like I’m creating I’ll start to find joy in it.

I’ll go over how I arrived at that is another post, but I never knew how much I get off on just making new things. Doesn’t need to be anything specific, I just love making new things. Art, programs, machines, stories. When I channel my imagination into something I’m in heaven and guys, when I started seeing the world this way, everything as an opportunity to build, holy crap did I explode.

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