Friday Favorites: Intuitive Eating Reads, The Best Podcasts, and More

breaking two marathon team runners

Hi guys!

Happy Friday!
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Today I wanted to share a brief post of some of the things I’ve been reading and enjoying. Some of them were enlightening, hysterical, and a bit challenging.


  • Why I Don’t Recommend Whole30 from RD + blogger Fannetastic Food: This post does a fantastic job at breaking down some of the negative aspects to a program like Whole30. While it may help you reconnect with food, the mindset of restriction is incredibly dangerous, and often not healthy.
  • Being a Competent Eater Instead of Eliminating Food Groups: In a similar vein, this post breaks down the difference between being able to follow a food plan, and being a competent, intuitive eater. All food groups are critical!
  • Amenorrhea and PMS: Robyn is one of my all-time favorite bloggers. I’ve learned so much from her about the importance of hormones, and menstrual regularity for overall women’s health. Does it matter if you don’t get your period regularly? Maybe. Check out RealLifeRD for more.
  • The Goldfinch: I just finished this novel, and OH MY! Highly recommend it. Don’t be intimidated by the 700 pages, it will fly by in the madness and drugs and crazy plot.

cycle of dieting, overeating, and feeling guilty


breaking two marathon team runners


  • theSkimm’s Citizenship Quiz: What does it take to be accepted as a US citizen? This quiz is fascinating to test your knowledge of some US basics, and you may be surprised by how tricky it is! The entire campaign from theSkimm on immigration has been illuminating for me, as I’m learning a lot more about policy and history. (Don’t have theSkimm? You’re way behind the times — receive email newsletters each weekday morning that bring you snarky, digestible, and smart news coverage. Sign up here!)
  • Body Pump: Reviewing BodyPump playlists and choreography because I’m TEAM TEACHING and almost certified!

What are your plans for the weekend? I’m looking forward to some resting, some wine drinking, and a double date! I totally forgot that I had signed up for a 5-mile race tomorrow, so that should also be an adventure! I’ll check back in to share how it went.

What are you reading, and listening to?

What are your weekend plans?