About the Blog

Running Towards is a blog about food, movement, life, and figuring it all out.

I started this blog as a way to share my journey towards finding more intuitive eating and exercise, as a way to celebrate recovery from an eating disorder, and create a positive space for fitness and eating in a space so saturated by exercise addiction, disordered eating, and lives that seem too damn perfect to be genuine.

About the Blogger

Grace Jemison is a graduate from the University of Pennsylvania, where she studied Health & Societies, and Nutrition. She is now living and working in Philadelphia.

Grace loves (in no particular order):

  • ice cream
  • fitness, especially running, HIIT, and Body Pump
  • coffee
  • dogs
  • intuitive eating
  • sometimes yoga
  • Instagram
  • the city of Philadelphia
  • reading
  • the Oxford comma

You can also contact me on Instagram and Pinterest.


Running Towards is a personal blog created and maintained by Grace Jemison.

My blog posts document my life and often highlight the food I eat and my workouts. I do not have any medical training, nor am I a registered dietitian. While I am working towards fitness certifications, content you see on Running Towards simply aims to bring you along on the journey of finding more intuitive eating and exercise. The food I eat and the workouts I complete outline what I do and may not be right for you and should not be viewed as a guideline in any way.

If you need counsel from a professional, please seek the advice of a doctor.