Jump & Swing Back Burner Circuit

This is a great little workout that is easily customizable. I’ll give you a workout scheme that you can make work for you. This is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) circuit. That means that you’ll work really hard for a certain amount of time, rest for a little bit, and do it over. It will […]

Why Running Towards?

While I was trying to think through what I wanted to share through Running Towards, and what I wanted this space to represent, two of the words that kept coming back to me were bigger and fear.  Really quick background about my eating disorder: I’m now 23 and have been in remission from anorexia for over 6 years. […]


Oh heyyyyy — I’m so glad that you have stopped by this little corner of the internet. I hope that it feels welcoming nd positive to you. What will this space be? Genuine & authentic Vulnerable Challenging Smart Body-positive, celebrating Health at Every Size Feminist Focused on positive wellness and movement When I need it, […]